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Labor-related irregularities still widespread

During broad checks carried out in April, Hungarian authorities found labor-related irregularities at 81% of 1,042 employers and with two-thirds of the 4,000 employees subjected to checks. Most of the breaches were related to the illegal hiring of workers.

According to data released by the labor department at the Ministry of Finance, 53% of those hired illegally were working in construction and 42% in agriculture. Most irregularities were related to insufficient or completely missing registration of employees, according to an article on online news portal

About 20% of the fines were applied because of working time-related irregularities, found in 66% of cases in hospitality and commerce. This rate has not changed compared to previous years.

Lighter sanctions introduced in light of the economic crisis are no longer sufficient to dissuade companies from wrongdoing. Therefore, starting from this year, authorities are applying fines from the very first occasion, even for a minimal breach of labor regulations, says.