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KSH: Hungary’s population on a decline in 2015

While the number of children born grew by 0.2% to 91,700 in 2015 as compared to the preceding year, the number of deaths was up by 4.2% at 131,600, or 5,292 more than a year earlier, according to Hungary’s Central Statistical Office (KSH).

According to data by KSH, the number of births rose in the first five months of the year and in September, and remained below the last year’s level in the other six months. The largest growth was recorded in January (5.6%), and the most considerable decrease occurred in July, when 4.1% fewer children were born than a year earlier, KSH said.

The peak of the flu epidemic and the low base level in the previous year contributed to the considerable rise in deaths (22% on average) in January–February, according to KSH. The average rise of 7.2% in July–August was due to the unfavorable effect of heat waves on mortality, KSH added.

The estimated population calculated on the basis of the 2011 census and taking into account international migration was 9,823,000 at the end of 2015, KSH said.