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KSH: Hungary’s industrial production down 0.2% in January

Hungary’s industrial output volume was down by 0.2% in January as compared to the same month a year earlier according to crude data, while adjusted for working days the index was up 2.2%, Hungary’s Central Statistical Office (KSH) said Friday in a second reading of data.

The volume of industrial export sales increased by 1.0% compared to the same period of the previous year, while industrial domestic sales dropped by 1.3%, according to KSH. 

“Out of the two manufacturing subsections accounting for more than half of export sales, the export of transport equipment, representing more than one third of manufacturing exports declined by 2.5%”, KSH said.

KSH data shows that considering the sections of industry, production increased by 0.3% in manufacturing representing a decisive weight (93%) and by 2.1% in energy industry, while it fell by 32% in mining and quarrying in January as compared to the same month a year earlier.