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Jul-Sep net forint issues to be in bonds - ÁKK

Hungaryʼs Government Debt Management Agency (ÁKK) plans net forint securities issues of HUF 251 billion in July-September, with net discount T-bill redemptions and net issues of bonds, the 3-month issue plan posted on ÁKKʼs website shows, state news wire MTI reports.

The July-September issue plan targets gross issues of HUF 1,055 bln and gross redemptions of HUF 804 bln.

Of the HUF 675 bln bond sales planned in the period HUF 585 bln bonds would be sold at the 13 auctions and HUF 90 bln bonds nearing maturity would be sold in exchange of longer ones at the six switch auctions planned in the period.

There will be one bond expiry in the three months, of HUF 60.4 bln 2019/D bonds on August 28. Additionally, ÁKK plans to buy back HUF 140 bln of bonds ahead of maturity at seven buy-back auctions and to exchange the above-mentioned HUF 105 bln bonds at the switch auctions in the period.

ÁKK will offer floating rate bonds and fixed-rate bonds on alternate weeks during the period, as earlier. 

ÁKK plans HUF 12.5 bln net repayments of three-month discount T-bills at the 13 auctions during the period. Gross three-month issues are planned at HUF 260 bln and expiries at HUF 272.5 bln.

Net twelve-month discount T-bill repayments are projected at HUF 121 bln as a result of gross sales of HUF 120 bln and two gross expiries: a HUF 141 bln on July 31 and a HUF 100.5 bln one on September 25.

Both the three-month and the twelve-month offer comes to an average HUF 20 bln per auction offer is HUF 20 bln, up from HUF 40 bln at the last four of the weekly auctions, the same as the volumes offered at the most recent auctions of the two bills.