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Hungary placed 3rd in Europe on 5G readiness

Some 86% of Hungarian Internet users use social networking sites, the highest number in the European Union, according to a report from the European Commission, writes

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According to Deputy State Secretary for Digitalization Károly Balázs Solymár, of the Ministry of Innovation and Technology, the EC report said that in terms of broadband and wireless access to a network, Hungary had jumped from 16th place to seventh, and from 19th to 14th in terms of Internet use, while in terms of 5G readiness, Hungary now ranks third in Europe.

Online social networking and news sites are the most frequently visited by Hungarians, but 60% of Internet users also shop and bank online, he said.

Roughly 80% of Hungarians use the Internet at least once a week, which is 5% higher than a year ago. The goal, he stated, is to get 100% of the population to use e-government by 2030.