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Hungary in top 3 of EU list of petrol-driven cars

According to a report by the European Commissionʼs statistical agency Eurostat, about 70% of cars in Hungary ran on petrol in 2016, which is the third highest ratio among EU members.

Chart by Eurostat

In 2016, more than half of cars ran on petrol in 15 of 24 member states for which data were available. The share of cars running on petrol was the highest in Cyprus (86%) and Finland (75%), followed by Hungary.

Of the approximately 3.3 million cars in Hungary in 2016, around 2.3 mln ran on petrol, while just under 1 mln ran on diesel, and about 40,000 on alternative fuels.

Diesel-driven cars were above the 50% threshold in France (69%), Lithuania (65%), Luxembourg (64%), Belgium (60%), Austria and Spain (both 57%), Portugal (54%), and Latvia (53%).

The use of alternative fuels, other than petrol or diesel, was the highest in Poland (16%), Lithuania (10%), Italy and Latvia (both 8%), Eurostat says.