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Hungary below EU avg on innovation scoreboard

Hungary stands at 66.4% of the EU average on the annual European Innovation Scoreboard which assesses relative strengths and weaknesses of research and innovation systems in member states and selected third countries, state news wire MTI reports.

The scoreboard report noted that Hungaryʼs performance over time had increased relative to that of the EU in 2012, particularly since 2017.

Hungary was ahead of Poland on the scoreboard (58.9%) and practically tied with Slovakia (66.6%), but behind the Czech Republic (84.3%).

A country profile in the scoreboard report shows "employment impacts", "sales impacts" and "innovation-friendly environment" are Hungaryʼs strongest innovative dimensions.

Performance is highest for "employment in fast-growing enterprises of innovative sectors", "medium and high-tech product exports", "non-R&D innovation expenditures" and "broadband penetration".

"Innovators", "human resources" and "finance and support" are the countryʼs weakest innovation dimensions.