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Hungary 1st in EU in proportion of passenger kilometers traveled by bus

While the car was the dominant form of inland transport in all EU Member States in 2018 compared with other forms of transportation, the highest proportion (20.8%) of passenger kilometers traveled by coaches, buses and trolley buses was registered in Hungary, according to data by statistical agency Eurostat.

Buses were also a popular form of transport in Cyprus (18.9%), and Malta (17.5%). Travel by coaches, buses, and trolley buses accounted for 9.3% of inland transport kilometers in the EU.

Cars accounted for 82.9% of passenger kilometers, while train-travel only made up 7.9% of kilometers across the EU.

The highest proportion of passenger kilometers traveled by car was in Lithuania (90.4 %). The proportion in Hungary stood at 70.6%, the lowest among member states.

For train travel, Austria had the highest proportion of passenger-kilometers (12.9%). In Hungary, trains accounted for 8.6% of kilometers traveled.

However, Eurostat notes that proportions may look different in 2020 as a result of confinement measures and travel restrictions as well as changes in personal preferences following the COVID-19 outbreak.