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HungaroControl manages navigation of over 1 mln aircraft

HungaroControl assisted with the navigation of more than 1 million aircraft last year, including a 23% increase in air traffic in the high-altitude air corridors over Kosovo, HungaroControl told state news wire MTI on Monday.

Hungarian air controllers helped with the navigation of about 758,000 overflights over Hungary while landings and takeoffs at Ferenc Liszt International Airport increased 6.5% to almost 122,000 in 2019.

Air traffic in the high air space over Kosovo, which HungaroControl has been in charge of controlling since last spring for an indefinite period under a decision of the North Atlantic Council (NAC), increased 23% to more than 142,000 last year.

HungaroControl projects revenue of HUF 37 billion in 2019 according to preliminary figures, with pre-tax profit expected to exceed HUF 2.5 bln.