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Hungarians not eager to pursue vocational training

Far fewer Hungarian secondary school students participate in vocational education than in neighbouring countries or in the European Union as a whole, a summary of data from Eurostat shows, cited by state news agency MTI.

The percentage of Hungarian upper secondary students in vocational education programs stood at just 23% in 2015, the data show. The percentage was far below that in the Czech Republic (73%), Poland (51%) and Slovakia (69%). The percentage for the EU as a whole was 47%, MTI cited the EUʼs statistics office as saying.

Hungaryʼs government has made the renewal of the countryʼs vocational education system a priority and introduced a dual education system, one that combines apprenticeships and vocational training, as in German schools.

Minister for National Economy Mihály Varga said on Monday that the government has launched a ten-year program to refurbish vocational schools, citing a similar Portugese program. The government will allocate HUF 10 billion for the project, Varga added.