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Hungarians consult with doctors most frequently in EU

On average, Hungarians consulted with their doctors 10.9 times during 2017, the joint-highest number of doctorʼs visits in the entire EU, according to statistical agency Eurostat.

An average rate of 10.9 visits per person was registered in Slovakia as well.

However, the number of consultations varied greatly across member states. In Cyprus and Sweden, people consulted physicians, on average, less than 3 times during 2017, with the average number of consultations generally ranging between 4.3 and 10 in most EU member states.

Eurostat includes consultations at the physician’s office, in the patient’s home, or in out-patient departments of hospitals or ambulatory health care centers in the number of visits. The figures exclude consultations during a treatment as part of in-patient or daycare patient care in a hospital or similar institution.