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Hungarian suicide rate on the rise

The number of suicides in Hungary has been rising since the start of the economic crisis, according to the Central Statistics Office (KSH). Before 2008, the incidence of suicides in Hungary was in line with European standards, and suicides were decreasing.

KSH reported that suicide cases increased by 10% per year in Hungary since the crisis, which means more than 10,000 more people decided to put an end to their lives in 2008-2013. Experts speculate that the major factor for the rising number of such cases is people’s fear of losing job and becoming unemployed.

According to Oxford researchers, since 2008, the number of suicides has been on a world-wide increase. Before the crisis, both Canada and Europe had seen falling suicide rates. The United States was experiencing an increase in suicide cases even before the crisis, but since 2008 the growth sped up, the researchers said.

Sweden, Finland and Austria are exceptions in Europe, as suicide rates there have stagnated for the last couple of years. Oxford researchers maintained that the trend can be reversed through appropriate decisions at the government level.