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Hungarian Fashion and Design Agency produces industry strategy

The state-owned Hungarian Fashion and Design Agency has completed the working draft of a strategy to boost the local creative industry, national news wire MTI reported Monday. The agency said it is working to condense the strategy to present to the government.

Budapest Select, the new umbrella brand for Hungarian design products (photo: Facebook)

Agency Director Zsófia Bata-Jakab said the strategy involves strengthening professional coordination, increasing marketing efficiency, improving commercial and export opportunities, supporting quality production, and ensuring training of an international standard.

The non-profit agency, set up in 2018 as a subsidiary of the Hungarian Tourism Agency, serves as a coordination center for different industry players, fostering an exchange of information as well as cooperation, noted MTI.

Partnerships with players outside of the fashion and design industry, such as one with state-owned venture capital investment fund Hiventures, serve to establish a value-creating ecosystem for startups, it added.

The agency has established an umbrella brand, "Budapest Select," for presenting local design products abroad.