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Hungarian car market among least damaged in Europe

In the first half of 2020, 25.3% fewer new cars were sold in Hungary than in the same period of the previous year, writes

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Although that sounds bad, this figure is the most favorable in the Central and Eastern European region, with the decline in the surrounding countries typically above 30%.

Among neighboring countries, only the Czech car market was also able to, relatively speaking, ride the downturn caused by the coronavirus epidemic with a decline of less than 30%.

While in most countries in the region (Romania, Slovenia, Serbia, Slovakia, Poland, and Austria) the decline in the number of new cars sold was between 31% and 36%, in Croatia the figure reached 54.4%.

The Hungarian car market data is also outstandingly good in European Union comparison. According to information provided by the professional representative of European car manufacturers, ACEA, decreases across the EU were smaller than Hungary’s in only two states, Finland (-21.4%) and Sweden (-25.1%), the business website notes.