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Hungarian baths revenue fall 50% this year

Revenue of Hungarian spas and baths has fallen at least 50% this year because of the pandemic, and 76% will become insolvent by next spring without assistance, the head of the Hungarian Baths Association said, according to

Széchenyi Bath

László Attila Boros said baths will be forced to lay off 4,700 people without immediate government intervention, according to the associationʼs latest representative survey.

Three-quarters of staff at baths have been forced to work reduced hours, he added. He urged the government to set up a HUF 35 billion liquidity fund to make up for lost revenue and preserve jobs at baths, noting that 93-95% of baths are owned by local councils and are ineligible for government credit programs.

Boros said Hungaryʼs baths employ about 18,000 people and generate HUF 95 bln-100 bln a year, under normal circumstances. About 71% of all guest nights in Hungary are spent in spa towns, he added.