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Heating checks put off by warmer fall

With temperatures being warmer than usual during most of the fall season this year, many people have delayed getting their heating checked, which may come back to bite them warns 

Despite the distraction provided by the lingering warmth, and the fact that only 30% of the country inspects its heating equipment every year, qualified specialists were still highly in demand, with many people still having to wait several weeks for a check or repair to their heating system.

However, with the cold now approaching, even more will find these services scarce, as experts suggest heating inspections take place following the intensity of the winter season, from March onwards. Tamás Váradi, head of customer service at Ariston Thermo Hungária Kft., suggests the market for gas technicians is largely undersupplied.

"An additional 50% would be needed, meaning that the domestic market could provide at least 1,000 professionals with continuous work," he said.