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Govʼt securities stock climbs by HUF 335 bln in May

The stocks of securities issued by the central government rose by HUF 335 billion in May to HUF 31.617 trillion, state news wire MTI reports, citing data from the National Bank of Hungary (MNB).

Transactions raised the value of securities by HUF 371 bln, price changes increased it by a further HUF 115 bln and exchange rate changes reduced it by HUF 151 bln.

Four new securities series were issued in the market of long-term forint-denominated government securities in May amounting to HUF 154 bln. Two securities matured in the amount of HUF 145 bln. At the auctions, tap issues amounted to HUF 432 bln and redemptions to HUF 80 bln at nominal value. 

In the market of short-term forint-denominated government securities, new and tap issues of discount Treasury bills amounted to HUF 170 bln and maturities to HUF 128 bln. 

There was no issuance or maturity in the market of foreign currency-denominated securities issued by central government.

At the end of the month financial corporations held 41.5% of government securities or HUF 13.116 tln, householdsʼ holdings were at 26.9% with HUF 8.513 tln and non-residents held 28.8% or HUF 9.098 tln of securities.

Between the end of 2019 and the end of May 2020 the stocks of securities issued by the central government rose by HUF 1.228 tln.