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Govʼt encourages women to pursue tech careers

Although the ratio of 53% women studying in higher education is in line with the West European average, the Hungarian government aims to increase the numbers participating in engineering training programs, said László Palkovics, minister of state responsible for education at the Ministry of Human Capacities, according to government website

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Palkovics revealed the government’s intentions before an audience of secondary school girls at the opening of a series of events entitled TechGirls, initiated by the German-Hungarian Chamber of Industry and Commerce (DUIHK). The events will focus on encouraging girls to study and pursue careers as engineers.

The minister of state noted that those who graduate in the field will most certainly find jobs and can also greatly contribute to what our world will look like in the coming decades. He also praised the Hungarian automotive industry, stressing the strong presence of international firms on the labor market.

János Józsa, rector of Budapest University of Technology and Economics, stressed that the areas of technology, IT and science offer young people the “joy of creation.” He also encouraged young people to maintain an open-minded attitude to the world, adding that if they end up not enjoying their job then they should try another one.

DUIHK President Dale A. Martin, who is also president and CEO of Siemens Zrt., noted that although it is “cool” to be an engineer, it is even “cooler” to be a female engineer. Talking about his experiences in the field, he said that only 16%-17% of women in higher education learn about the design and production of vehicles, while only 6% choose automation.