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Govʼt announces details of HUF 25 bln in extra farm support

The Agriculture Ministry on Friday announced details of HUF 25 billion in support for farm producers and food industry companies to ease the economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic, according to a report by state news wire MTI.

Image by Pixabay

The first round of applications for the funding will be called from the end of June over a period of three weeks.

The ministry will make available HUF 8 bln to food industry companies, HUF 3 bln to poultry farmers, HUF 2.75 bln to hog farmers, HUF 1.4 bln to ornamental plants businesses and HUF 500 million to aquaculture businesses. 

The second round of applications will take place in the second half of June.

Funding of HUF 1 bln will be made available to sheep farmers, HUF 1 bln to beef farmers, HUF 1.8 bln to dairy farmers, HUF 1 bln to beekeepers and HUF 1.2 bln to vegetable growers.

The third round of funding applications is slated for the first half of August. Vintners will be eligible for HUF 1.8 bln in support and stud farms for HUF 250 million.