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Fruit crop further damaged by rainy weather

Whatever fruit crop had not been damaged by the frosts of March and April may now have been affected by the rainy weather of the recent period, according to

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Wet weather is conducive to crop disease, and muddy, loosened soil makes it more difficult for farmers to protect their crops.

In Europe, Hungary was hit hardest by the spring frost damage, which is why the average yield of stone fruits is a fraction of the usual, while average yields are still expected in other European countries, according to Ferenc Ledó, president of the FruitVeB Hungarian Fruit and Vegetable Interprofessional Organization and Product Council.

According to Ledó, 20-25% of the average yield is expected this year, mainly for apricots, 35-40% for peaches, 50% for cherries, and 50% for apples.

In shops, prices of processed vegetables will rise most, but the price of peaches or cherries will largely depend on the prices of imported products, he adds.