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Freight transport performance stagnant in Q1

The performance of freight transport companies in Hungary was almost unchanged in Q1 2019 from a year earlier at 14.6 billion freight-tonne-kilometres as domestic transport performance grew 14% and international transport fell 4.7%, state news wire MTI reported, citing the Central Statistical Office (KSH).

Trucks and lorries accounted for about 66% of the sectorʼs total performance in the first quarter. Railways accounted for 16%, pipelines for 15%, and ships and barges for as little as 3%.

The performance of road transport companies exceeded 9.6 bln freight-tonne-kilometres as the volume of goods carried came close to 48 million tonnes. Domestic road transport companies moved 28% more goods and their performance in freight-tonne-kilometres was up 18%. In international road transport, volume fell 9.3% and performance was down 9.8%.

Railway companies carried 11.8 mln tonnes of freight, down 4.6%, and their performance fell 6.6% to 2.4 bln freight-tonne-kilometres.

Freight transport companies carried 73 mln tonnes of goods altogether, 14% more than a year ago.

Passenger transport

Local passenger transport companies carried 550 mln passengers in Q1, 0.4% fewer than a year earlier. Performance of the segment in passenger kilometers edged down 0.6% to 2.1 bln.

In the long-distance passenger transport segment, companies carried 163 mln passengers during the period, down 2.1%. Performance of the segment rose 2.5% to 6.8 bln passenger-kilometres, according to unadjusted data.

Airlinesʼ passenger numbers climbed 5.7% to 3.2 mln.

The number of passenger cars registered for the first time in Hungary was 74,000 in Q1, up 5.8% from Q1 2018. Used cars accounted for 51% of the total.