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Forint weakens on interbank market

The forint was trading at 310.98 to the euro at 5:30pm on Wednesdayʼs interbank forex market, down from 307.52 late on Tuesday. The forint weakened against the euro in the morning and was mostly stable for the rest of the day.

EUR = 310.98

USD = 281.74 

CHF = 285.82

The forint slipped to 281.74 from 278.98 against the dollar. The forint weakened against the dollar from the morning until early afternoon. It showed some signs of strength later on but failed to make up for losses in the morning.

The forint softened to 285.82 from 281.35 against the Swiss franc. The forint lost value against the franc throughout Wednesdayʼs session although the pace of weakening was slower in the second part of the day.