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Forint firms on interbank market

The forint was trading at 310.92 to the euro at 5:30pm on Thursdayʼs interbank forex market, up from 312.25 late on Wednesday.

EUR = 310.92

USD = 273.77

CHF = 281.63

The forint showed mixed movement during the day but by evening it was firmly up against the euro. The euroʼs rate peaked at 312.94 forints but fell as low as 310.85 forints.

The forint traded at 273.77 to the dollar, showing strong gains from 278.28 Wednesday. The dollarʼs exchange rate fell from as high as 276.85 forints to 273.55 forints.

The forint strengthened to 281.63 from 284.59 against the Swiss franc. The franc showed some early gains against the forint in the morning but shortly before 11am it began to lose momentum and continued to weaken until the end of the day. The franc was quoted as high as 285.34 forints before falling to 281.50 forints.