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Forint firms on interbank market

The forint was trading at 310.46 to the euro at 5:30pm on Thursdayʼs interbank forex market up from 311.35 late on Wednesday.

The euro was mixed against the forint on Thursday but the exchange rate only moved in a tight band. The euro exchange rate moved between 309.62 forints and 311.51 forints during the day.

The forint traded at 277.51 to the dollar, up from 281.78 Wednesday. The forint continued to strengthen against the dollar on Thursday just as it did on Wednesday. The dollar exchange rate moved between 276.44 forints and 281.24 forints.

The forint was quoted at 278.94 to the Swiss franc compared to 279.33 earlier. The franc softened against the forint in the early morning, it was stable during the next few hours before strengthening during the afternoon. The franc exchange rate reached its low point at 276.78 forints while its daily peak was at 279.50 forints.