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Foreign investment in Hungary reaches €1.16 bln in 2015

Inward-bound foreign direct investment by non-residents was €1.16 billion in 2015, according to fresh four-quarter figures in the balance of payment data published by the National Bank of Hungary (MNB), Hungarian news agency MTI reported late yesterday.

Foreign investment was down compared to 2014 and 2013 when FDI volumes were €5.62 bln and €2.53 bln respectively. 

With outward foreign investments by Hungarians residents reaching €1.38 bln in 2015, in net terms, liabilities decreased by €218 million for the year. Net liabilities increased by €2.96 bln in 2014 and by €1.15 bln in 2013. 

In the fourth quarter of 2015, within direct investments, outward investments by Hungarian residents rose by €275 mln and inward investments by non-residents by €877 mln, raising liabilities by a net €602 mln. 

Within direct investments by non-residents in Hungary, the value of investments in equities and reinvested earnings contributed €230 mln and €1.8 bln, respectively, to the value of investments in Hungary. The balance of transactions in debt instruments showed a €1.16 bln decrease in net liabilities in Q4.  

Within direct investments by Hungarian residents abroad, investments in equities reduced the value of investments abroad by €219 mln and reinvested earnings increased it by €232 mln in 2015 Q4. Capital withdrawals recorded due to super dividends reduced the value of investments abroad by €246 mln. Transactions in debt instruments showed a €262 mln increase in net assets. 

The total volume of direct foreign investment in Hungary stood at €204 bln at the end of 2015 while Hungarian residentsʼ direct investment assets had a combined value of €127 bln.