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Flour and bread prices to rise 10-15%

Along with the rising price of raw materials, energy and wage costs, the transfer price of flour from mills will increase by HUF 3-5 due to the African swine fever (ASP) epidemic in January. Bakeries are planning a 10-15% price increase in the coming weeks, says economic daily Világgazdaság.

Image: Pixabay.

Already in November last year, mills informed their customers that at the end of January, they would raise the price of flour by about HUF 3-5/kg, said Zoltán Lakatos, president and CEO of Hajdú Gabona Zrt.

The raise is attributed to several factors, the most important of which is the price of raw materials. The quality of last year’s good average crop was greatly influenced by the presence of a fungal infection called fusarium, the removal of which reduced efficiency by at least 1%. ASP also affects the situation of mills.

Although the virus has not yet been detected in the domestic pig population, many pigs have been slaughtered in Hungary for prevention.

As this reduces the need for bran, mills are trying to sell off their accumulated inventory, which reduces their productivity by HUF 1.5-2 HUF per kilogram of wheat, explains.