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Farmgate prices up 1.2% in July

Agricultural producer prices were up 1.2% in July 2018 compared to the corresponding period of the previous year, which resulted from an increase of 4.5% in the price of crop products and a decrease of 4.0% in the price of livestock and animal products, the Central Statistical Office (KSH) reported on Friday.

In July 2018 compared to July 2017, cereals prices were up by 13%, within which the price of wheat rose by 7.9% and that of maize by 16%. The average price of fruit fell by 22%, while vegetables prices increased by 12%, within which potatoes were 45% dearer.

The price of livestock fell by 5.5%, and that of animal products by 0.6%. The price of pigs for slaughter was 13% lower year-on-year.

In January–July 2018, compared to the first seven months of the previous year, agricultural producer prices went up by 0.3%, within which the price of crop products rose by 1.7% and that of livestock and animal products fell by 2.0%.

Vegetables prices were 2.7% higher and fruit prices 7.6% lower.

The price of pigs for slaughter was lower by 13%. However, the procurement price – showing a rising trend since January – increased, from HUF 342 to HUF 375 per kilogram.

Milk prices rose 2.4% and egg prices were 11% higher in January–July.

Agricultural producer prices for August 2018 will be published on October 12.