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Family car subsidies could add 10,000 to vehicle sales

A recently announced government subsidy for large families to buy passenger cars could lift sales by up to 10,000 vehicles this year, the head of the Hungarian Association of Automobile Dealers (GÉMOSZ) said on public television Tuesday, state news agency MTI reported.

Sales of vehicles in the HUF 6-8 million range could rise significantly because of the subsidies, GÉMOSZ President Gábor Gablini said on state news channel M1. Interest in family cars has grown noticeably at dealerships since the government announced the HUF 2.5 mln subsidy, he added.

Experience shows that most big families buy used cars as old as 10-15 years because of tight budgets, Gablini noted.

The subsidy is available to families with three or more children for vehicles that can seat at least seven, and is part of a package of government measures aimed at reversing the decline in Hungaryʼs population by encouraging citizens to produce more children.