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EUR 1 bln investment in Mosonmagyaróvár could start this year

Amounting to at least EUR 1 billion, one of the country’s largest investment projects, the Bezenyei-Hegyeshalom agricultural, logistics and real estate complex, could begin by the end of the year, says Nikolai Ulrich, board member of the investing German FAKT AG earlier this week in Mosonmagyaróvár (162 km northwest of Budapest), writes

The amount spent in the area is likely to be even greater, as there will be other elements of this huge project that other partners will carry out.

The presentation stated that an area of 330 acres, or about 500 football pitches, will be utilized for vegetable production, greenhouses, fruit processing units, logistics centers, truck parking, motels, service units, caravan parking, camping, shops, restaurants, hotels, kindergartens, and schools.

For those working there, 1,000 new apartments will also be built on the grounds. In other words, a small town will be created within a few years, adds.