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Environmental tax contribution in Hungary around EU average

The share of contribution from environmental taxes to total government revenue from taxes and social contributions amounted to 6.3% in Hungary in 2018, in line with the EU average of 6%, according to a report by statistical agency Eurostat.

Image: Eurostat

The share of contribution from environmental taxes varied significantly across member states, with highest shares recorded in Latvia (10.9%), Bulgaria (9.8%), Greece (9.5%), Slovenia (9.4%) and Croatia (9.3%).

On the other end of the spectrum, the smallest shares were observed in Luxembourg (4.4%), Germany (4.5%) and Sweden (4.8%).

In 2018, environmental tax revenue in the EU totaled EUR 324.6 billion, a 3% increase in nominal terms from the previous year and 49% higher than in 2002, Eurostat says.

The agency adds that energy taxes accounted for the largest share (77.7%) of the EU environmental tax revenue two years ago, followed by transport taxes (19.1%), and pollution and resource taxes (3.3%).