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Enterprise birth rate above EU average

The enterprise birth rate in Hungary stood at 12.9% in 2017, well above the European Union average, according to recently released data by statistical agency Eurostat.

Chart: Eurostat

In 2017, the number of new enterprise births in the EU as a proportion of the total number of active EU enterprises stood at 9.3%. Eurostat says that this rate remained stable compared with 2016 (9.3%), but it was slightly higher than the rate recorded in 2012 (9%).

The enterprise birth rates varied across member states. The highest rates were observed in Lithuania (19.7%), Portugal (15.8%), Slovakia (13.7%), followed by Hungary.

The lowest rates were recorded in Greece (4.5%), Belgium (6.4%), Sweden (6.6%), Germany and Austria (both 6.8%).

Compared with 2016, the largest increases in the enterprise birth rates were recorded in Finland (2.9 percentage points), followed by Slovakia (2.7 pp), Hungary (2.1 pp), Estonia (1.2 pp) and Lithuania (0.9 pp).

The highest decreases were observed in Malta (-6.1 pp), Latvia (-3.8 pp), Spain (-0.9 pp), Bulgaria and Italy (both -0.5 pp) as well as Austria and Sweden (-0.4 pp).