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Current account shows slight deficit in Q2

The current account balance of Hungary was a negative EUR 4.56 million in the second quarter of 2019, state news agency MTI calculated, based on monthly balance of payments of data published by the National Bank of Hungary (MNB).

The current account balance showed a deficit following a EUR 328.9 mln surplus in Q1.

The trade in goods and services had a surplus of EUR 1.712 billion, down from EUR 1.764 bln in Q1. 

The primary income balance was negative EUR 1.577 bln, down from negative EUR 1.034 bln. The secondary income balance was also negative EUR 139 mln, but improved from negative EUR 401 mln.   

The capital account balance was slightly down at EUR 857 mln, from EUR 887 mln.

The financial account had a deficit of EUR 543 mln, improving from a EUR 871 mln deficit.

Hungaryʼs net external financing capacity in Q2 stood at EUR 853 mln, down from EUR 1.215 bln in Q1.