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Crop quality deemed average in 2019

The barley and rape crops are of lower quality than last year, and while wheat quality is adequate, the toxin situation is unfavorable, with agriculture expecting average crop quality in general this year, state-owned warehousing firm Concordia Közraktár Zrt. told the Budapest Business Journal.

According to lab data, there are samples that fail to meet the Hungarian standard of 63 kg/hectoliter mass, like last year. Still, wheat samples have delivered a value around 80 kg/hl, which implies good, but not exceptional quality. The gluten and protein content is also adequate, meeting the standard of the milling industry.

According to Concordia head Gábor Halmos, it was very difficult to predict the quality of crops this year before the first samples were analyzed, due to numerous contrasting environmental effects.

"There is no need to make guesses now, and it seems like thereʼs no serious cause for concern, but results may differ significantly according to regions," said Halmos. "Due to the precipitation-rich May, producers and retailers often ask for a DON toxin analysis of barley and wheat, and with good reason, as there are toxin contents higher than what is allowed. The average oil content of fall coleseed is currently below that of last year," he added.