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Big families could buy close to 18,000 cars with govʼt subs

Hungarians with big families could use government subsidies available until the end of 2022 to buy almost 18,000 cars, the Hungarian Leasing Association told Hungarian news agency MTI.

The association said 35%-40% of those families could opt to lease their vehicles. 

About 175,000 families are eligible for the subsidies, and around 2% of Hungarian households buy a new vehicle each year, but the association expects as many as 10% of those eligible to avail of the support by the end of 2022.

The government is making HUF 2.5 million available to families with three or more children for the purchase of vehicles that can seat at least seven passengers until the end of 2022. The measure is part of a package of family support measures unveiled by Prime Minister Viktor Orbán early in the year to manage Hungaryʼs depopulation problem.

The subsidies were launched on July 1. By noon on Thursday, July 4, more than 2,000 families had applied for the grants, state secretary for family and youth affairs Katalin Novák told MTI.