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Average commuting time in Hungary 2nd longest in EU

In 2019, people in employment in Hungary had an average commuting time of 29 minutes, the joint-second longest time in the European Union, according to a report by statistical agency Eurostat.

Image by Eurostat

The EU average stood at 25 minutes. The longest average commuting time was registered in Latvia (33 minutes). In joint-second place, Luxembourg recorded an average time of 29 minutes, the same as Hungary. 

Eurostat notes that most member states had a commuting time between 24 and 28 minutes (17 countries). The shortest average commuting times were found in Cyprus (19 minutes), Greece (20 minutes), Italy, and Portugal (both 21 minutes).

About three in four employed people in Greece (75.8%) and Cyprus (75.5%) had a one-way commuting of less than 30 minutes. At the other end of the spectrum, only around half of the employed in Luxembourg (49.4%) and Latvia (44.9%) were in this situation.

The latter countries had the highest shares of those employed with a commuting time of 30-59 minutes among EU members (36.3% and 38.8% respectively).

The largest shares of the longest commuting times were observed in Latvia (13.5%), Ireland (11.2%), Belgium (10.7%) and Hungary (10.6%), where more than 10% of employed people had to travel from home to work for an hour or more.