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Apple harvest of up to 350,000 tonnes expected

Hungaryʼs apple growers could harvest around 300,000-350,000 tonnes of apples in 2020, business daily Világgazdaság wrote, citing Ferenc Apáti, the deputy head of professional association FruitVeb.

Apáti said the final count of the harvest can only be made in November but numbers are not expected to be higher as yields are low because of frosts in the spring.

Around 110,000-130,000 tonnes could be usable as top-grade unprocessed apples for retail customers but annual domestic demand is usually around 140,000-150,000 tonnes. Similarly, the 200,000-220,000 tonnes of apples for processing will be well below the 500,000 tonnes of local demand.

Based on these numbers, apples will need to be imported in 2021, as they were in 2020, with imports covering around 20% of the demand for unprocessed apples and 50-60% for processed one, Apáti added.