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Agriculture delivers ‘average’ performance in 2017

The volume of agricultural output decreased by 6.1% in 2017, with crop production down 8.6% and livestock production 3.2% lower than in 2016, according to a first estimate of the performance of Hungaryʼs agricultural sector this year, released by the Central Statistical Office (KSH) on Monday.

In 2017 compared to the previous year, the total output of cereal crops was 16% lower. Maize and barley output fell significantly, and wheat output to a lesser extent. The total output of industrial crops was 3.8% lower than in the previous year. The output of forage plants was practically unchanged, while that of horticultural products, fruit and potatoes slightly decreased.

The output of live animals was down 4.2% and that of animal products down 0.6%, meaning that the total volume of livestock production was 3.2% lower than a year earlier. Poultry and pig output was reduced, while cattle output slightly increased. Of animal products, the output of milk and eggs remained practically unchanged.

The value of output of the agricultural sector (including services and secondary activities) lessened by 2.1% at current basic prices. Along with a 6.1% decrease in volume, prices rose by 4.3%.

The volume of intermediate consumption was practically unchanged, while the price index became slightly lower.

On the expenditures side, the volume of fertilizers and soil improvers was substantially up, but that of energy and lubricants, as well as animal feed, slightly decreased based on first estimates.

Gross value added in agriculture diminished by 15% at the previous year’s prices and by 4.5% at current prices. Labor input in agriculture lessened by 1.9%.

Factor income decreased by 3.9% and entrepreneurial income by over 11%. Real factor income per unit of labor force lessened by 4.7%.