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725 medical practices have no doctor

In January, 469 general practitioners and 256 primary care dental practices were vacant, meaning 725 practices are vacant. At the beginning of last year, 670 practices were vacant, an increase of 55 in a year, reported Világgazdaság, based on data available on the National Health Insurance Fund (NEAK) website.

NEAK has opened applications to support the purchase of GP practice rights again this year for a total of HUF 1.25 billion, but it believes there is little interest in empty practices.

The number of practices in primary care decreased by 70 in 2018, when the number of GPs was 4,677, according to data from the Central Statistical Office (KSH) Health Yearbook for that year, the most up-to-date.

Some 21,920 doctors are needed to ensure optimal healthcare provision in Hungary. According to the data of KSH, a total of 20,299 positions were filled two years ago.

Total healthcare positions number 131,700 employees in patient care, of which 124,500 were filled and 7,231 were vacant at the end of 2018, adds