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67.7% of working Hungarians employed in services

Some 67.7% of working Hungarians have a job in services, somewhat below the EU average of 74%, according to a summary of 2018 data by the EUʼs official statistical agency Eurostat.

The shift towards a service economy is a long-term trend already observed in the EU in the second half of the 20th century, Eurostat says.

The 74% EU-wide rate in 2018 is up from 66% in 2000. In Hungary, the rate stood at 55.8% in 2000, meaning that the country has somewhat closed the gap in the almost two decades since.

Regionally, the rate in Hungary was higher than that for Czech Republic (60.5%), Poland (59.2%), Slovakia (65.4%) and Slovenia (63%), but below Austria (73.8%).

In Hungary, about 26.9% of employed people worked in industry in 2018, above the EU average of 21.8%. Some 5.4% of Hungarian workers were employed in agriculture, compared to 4.3% in the EU.