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32% of young people want to leave parentsʼ home ASAP

While 32% of young people would move out of their parentsʼ house as soon as possible, the majority, 58%, are planning to leave, but say it is currently not their highest priority, K&H Bank said in a statement on youth housing plans, according to Világgazdaság. 

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Nearly one-fifth of 19-29 year olds want to buy an apartment within three years, 74% saying they would do so with a home loan.

Under the conditions in force in mid-August, young people concerned would have to pay HUF 65,000 a month for a 20-year HUF 10 million housing loan.

Nearly half of the 19-29 age group, currently live with their parents. Among those eager to leave as soon as possible, 52% would go to rent, 37% plan to buy their own home, and 5% would move to a partner or other family member.