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Tourism Agency launches fall campaign with new features

The Hungarian Tourism Agency (MTÜ) has launched its fall media campaign encouraging the growth of domestic tourism, discovering what Hungary has to offer in all four seasons, and promoting both well-known and lesser-known places offering new experiences, according to a press release sent to the Budapest Business Journal.

View of Veszprém, north of Lake Balaton

The MTÜ aims at the interactive involvement of local communities with Hungarian travelers, as a response to the growing importance of sharing experiences on social media. The campaignʼs focal point is a map-based online information space for sharing experiences, where anybody can submit their favorite places and experiences in Hungary.

The campaignʼs new slogan, "Mondj egy jó helyet, találj egy még jobbat!" could be translated as "Name a good place, and find an even better one!"

"Our slogan refers to our belief that everyone knows a hidden touristic treasure that others have not spotted yet, and we want to achieve an increase in the number of people sharing their favorite places with the whole country," says MTÜ CEO Zoltán Guller.

The agencyʼs "Hello Hungary" website provides a smartphone-optimized, map-based digital platform, where one can "pin" domestic locations. The site has a dual purpose, one being to provide travel inspiration by containing descriptions of sights recommended by the MTÜ on the map, where users can look for tips. On the other hand, the platform makes the campaign interactive, as travelers can share their own recommendations with others.

The chief purpose of the agencyʼs campaign remains unchanged: creating an extensive, integrated campaign about Hungary as an all-season destination, with a lot to offer domestic tourists in the fall as well. During this season, many opportunities arise to discover cultural values, sample wine and gastronomic delicacies, active relaxation, and mapping natural treasures.

Apart from the traditional forms of communication (radio, television, etc.), the MTÜ has assigned a leading role to social media, planning for a strong presence with the involvement of influencers and a variety of "social media challenges."

Within the framework of the campaign, the MTÜ is cooperating with the Hungarian Hotel and Restaurant Association (MSzÉSz, accessible at, with involved partners providing visitors with special offers and discounts in a program called "Hello Fall!"