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Opera Gin Budapest wins gold medal at Gin Masters 2020

Opera Gin Budapest, distilled by the First Hungarian Gin Manufacture, received a gold medal at Gin Masters 2020, with critics praising the craft ginʼs "great texture" and "subtle dark chocolate notes", according to a press release sent to the Budapest Business Journal.

Opera was competing in the premium gin category at the event which was part of The Global Spirits Masters competition organized by British spirits trade publication The Spirits Business.

The Hungary craft gin competed with nearly 200 entries, receiving scores between 80-89 points from the judges at a blind tasting. 

"Ever since the beginning, it has been our desire to be able to put the stamp of a professional award on our bottle, further decorating our award-winning label," said Bálint Dámosy, the brandʼs founder. "However, we did not think that we would be able to clinch a recognition like this so soon."

According to the press release, Opera Gin is the first gin in the CEE region to win at the competition. Furthermore, the Hungarian product also managed to achieve the rare feat of winning as a "newcomer", meaning that this was the first instance it was entered into the competition.

"We are doubly pleased that positive feedback from our consumers and partners is now confirmed by international professionals," Dámosy adds.

Going international

The First Hungarian Gin Manufacture says that winning the award puts Opera Gin on the international gin map, which is beneficial for them as the company aims to bring its gin to customers abroad.

The distiller has already taken the first steps: Opera Gin Budapest is now available in Romania, and a supply contract with a business partner in Israel is also in place. In addition, negotiations with multiple distributors around the globe are in progress.

Opera Gin, Hungaryʼs first premium category London Dry type gin, debuted last year in Hungary. The ginʼs packaging, which combines the Neo-Baroque, Art Nouveau, Neoclassical, and Steampunk styles, won a Red Dot design award shortly after the debut.