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Navigation firm NNG puts out poem book for kids

Hungarian navigation software developer NNG has issued a free digital poem book introducing 12 important IT professions, aiming to show children at an early age what jobs there are in the tech industry, according to a press statement sent to the Budapest Business Journal.

The book was originally published in Hungarian in April, under the title "Ha Nagy Leszek..." and showcasing the work of Hungarian poet Dániel Varró, and due to its positive reception, the company has now decided to publish an English version, "When I Grow Up...", too. It has been adapted from the Hungarian original by Daniel Harrison, a copywriter for NNG.

“As automotive software developers, we know that explaining the software industry to children is difficult. Open your child’s mind to the wonders of the IT world with this book of 12 poems. Introducing the latest professions of the software industry in a fun and engaging way; this book is available to download now for free,” NNG said in a post on its LinkedIn page.

The books are available both languages on NNG’s website. They come in two versions, one in colour and another one in black and white so children can color away while they learn about the professions and enjoy the poems.