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ʼModern traditionsʼ in the kitchen, special attention to disinfection

The Budapest Business Journal asks Trattoria Pomo Dʼoro manager Attila Jáhner about measures introduced in the restaurant in the light of the coronavirus pandemic, and Italian specialties on the menu this summer.

BBJ: What kind of precautions are taken in the restaurant in the light of the coronavirus pandemic?

Attila Jáhner: We have been trying to do our best since the beginning. Of course, you can find hand sanitizers at several points in our restaurant, our teams follow the safety regulations, and we pay special attention to disinfection, cleanliness and we also use an ozone generator air purification equipment.

BBJ: Does the pandemic affect the availability of your imported ingredients in any way?

AJ: Fortunately no. Thereʼs no problem with import purchases, the supply is uninterrupted.

BBJ: Are you planning to retain your home delivery system after the pandemic ends?

AJ: We kept our home delivery system with the help of the 6x6 Taxi company. 

BBJ: Do you have any special summer offers on the menu?

AJ: Our head chef, Rosario Simeoli is always trying to show something new, something exciting to our guests. In this season he has a special menu with some Italian regional food with a bit modern twist, it called "Tradizione moderna". Black mussel soup from Puglia, Milanese veal chop from Lombardia, Vesuvius ricotta pie from Campania... just a few specialties from the menu.