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MNG presents ‘Every Past Is My Past’ exhibition

The recently opened exhibition of the Hungarian National Gallery (MNG), "Every Past Is My Past," displays more than 300 photographs from the popular Fortepan digital photo archives, according to the galleryʼs website 

Picture: Fortepan (1977)

Representing Hungary’s 20th century history, the images focus on the lives of ordinary people and their experiences, as conveyed by private photographers.

The founders of the collection, two high school classmates Miklós Tamási and Ákos Szepessy, began to collect the photographs in the digital Fortepan archives back in the 1980s. They launched an online site with 5,000 digitized images in 2010. Today the collection numbers 110,000 photos.

Each photograph in the exhibition tells a story. In some cases these stories can be reconstructed, but in most others the people in the pictures are no longer known, and neither are the circumstances in which the photo was taken, allowing visitors to use their imagination and invent their own stories linked to the images, noted.

The exhibition is open to visitors until August 25 in the gallery’s Building A.