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Liszt Academy gives concert in honor of Kodály

Budapestʼs Franz Liszt Academy of Music (Zeneakadémia) is organizing a memorial concert on the occasion of the birthday of the symbolic Hungarian composer, Zoltán Kodály, according to the institutionʼs website

The interior of the Liszt Academy (Ugis Riba/

The repertoire will include diverse works by Kodály, from “Ave Maria” to “The Straw Guy,” as well as “Life or Death,” showcasing the heritage of the composer.

The works will be performed by the Angelica Girls’ Choir, the Hungarian Army Male Chorus and the Alma Mater Choir in the Grand Hall of the Academy on December 16.

Born in 1882, Kodály is known internationally mainly for his music teaching concept, the so-called “Kodály Method.”