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Hungarian celeb says Trump invited her to his room in Moscow in 2013

Hungarian celebrity Kata Sarka claims President-elect Donald J. Trump invited her over to his hotel room in Moscow in 2013 at a party following that year’s Miss Universe beauty pageant, Hungarian online news portal reported yesterday, citing a story from tabloid paper Blikk from the end of last year.

(Photo: Wikimedia Commons/Gage Skidmore)

Sarka first talked about the alleged event last May on “Kasza Taxi”, a Hungarian show focusing on local celebrities being interviewed during a car ride. In the program, she made the unsubstantiated claim that Trump had invited her over and even gave her his business card at a party after Miss Universe 2013. Sarka said she attended the event in Moscow as the CEO of Magyarország Szépe Kft., the company then responsible for the Miss Universe Hungary pageant (according to Wikipedia, Magyarország Szépe Kft. was the national franchise holder from 2007 to 2013).

“He asked me who I was and what I was doing in Moscow. He was kind; he gave me his business card with his private phone number and invited me over to his room. I was surprised but, obviously, I did not take it seriously,” the celebrity claimed. By way of support for her story, Sarka showed Blikk the business card she allegedly received from Trump, which can be seen in the original (Hungarian language) story at this link. She also said that Trump is “not her type”.

Sarka is a model and occasional TV host as well as a businesswoman. She was voted the most beautiful girl in Budapest in 2007, and finished as the first runner-up in the 2007 Miss Universe Hungary pageant.