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Gourmet Fest at Millenáris begins today

Taking place May 16-19 at the Millenáris Park, this year’s edition of the annual Gourmet Festival will showcase food created by outstanding chefs from local and international restaurants, the website of the event reported.

Paprika will be one of the main themes of the festival

As the Budapest Business Journal reported earlier, this yearʼs edition of the event will focus on the themes of paprika, beer and bread ends (or heel, or crust), as well as offering various exclusive programs.

On May 17, Moscow’s recently opened restaurant the Twins Garden will introduce its favorite dishes to festival-goers.

Visitors can taste the best sparkling wines of Ferrari Trento at an event hosted by the Stand Restaurant on May 18, or have dinner with Michelin two-star chef Konstantin Filippou, who fuses Austrian and Mediterranean cuisines.

Thanks to sponsor OTP Bank, guests will be able to pay at the festival with the Simple app, besides using credit cards. For daily passes and admission fees, visit the website of the event.