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Gellért celebrates centenary with St. Martin Day Wine Festival

Danubius Hotel Gellért, celebrating its 100th anniversary this year, will host a St. Martin Day wine festival in Budapest, featuring a boutique beer festival, followed by wine, champagne, and Hungarian pálinka, as well as unlimited tasting, a unique suite restaurant, creative wine dinner, and a Sunday brunch as conclusion of the events between November 8-11, according to a press release sent to the Budapest Business Journal.

The hotel was built in the elegant, secession style of early 20th century palace hotels, and throughout its history has hosted events not only for hotel guests but also the general public.

The St. Martin Day Wine Festival is such an occasion. Beside offering an insight into the world of the hotel, the organizers claim it has become the most popular St. Martin Day program in Budapest, based on the "Gellért atmosphere", a wide assortment of wines and top-notch gastronomy.

Gellért Hotel first opened in September 1918. Accordingly, this yearʼs St. Martin Day programs reflect upon the 100th anniversary of the establishment.

As is traditional, on Thursday, November 8 ("Day 0") the wine festival starts with a beer festival. The boutique beer festival will feature Robert Vona, the new chef of the Gellért Beer Pub, preparing 11 types of beer snacks.

Gellért also welcomes a Michelin star chef in its Százszorséf (One Hundred Times Chef) suite restaurant on November 9 and 10. Eszter Palágyi, head chef of restaurant Costes will prepare a menu designed for this single occasion, coupled with select wines in the suite which offers a unique view, where numerous emperors, heads of states and church, international politicians, acknowledged scientists and artists have dined stayed in the past century of Gellért’s history, according to the hotel.

The wine dinner is another tradition of the Gellért St. Martin Day events, with Száz százalék (One hundred percent) wine dinnerʼs chefs honoring 100 years of Gellért catering by offering creativity and wines matching the menu.

More than 100 wineries are set to exhibit and present themselves in Gellért, with 11 wine regions introducing themselves on Friday and another 11 on Saturday. Visitors buying tickets for both days may enjoy completely different selections with unlimited tasting. The Gellért Selection champagne assortment will be available for guests on both days.

On Friday the Hungarian band Anna and the Barbies will entertain in the afterparty, while On Saturday Hungarian new age band, Maszkura és a Tücsökraj will take the stage.

On Sunday, guests will be welcome at the traditional Sunday brunch, titled Száz liba egy sorban ( One Hundred Geese in a Line), featuring the most popular goose dishes prepared by Gábor Müncz, chef of Gellért.

Tickets and information is available on the festivalʼs official website.