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Embassy to host Maróti works during Open House London

London art gallery Fiumano Clase has announced that the Hungarian Embassy in London will host a selection of artworks by painter Dénes Maróti during the Open House London event on September 22-23.

The Hungarian Embassy, located in Londonʼs Belgravia district, will open its doors for one weekend in September, to show its freshly renovated rooms to the public. Apart from the beautiful interiors of the Thomas Cubitt-designed building, visitors may also view paintings by Dénes Maróti, after the embassy came to an agreement with contemporary art gallery Fiumano Clase, which represents the Hungarian artist exclusively.

"We are delighted that the Embassy of Hungary have so warmly embraced Dénes Maróti’s work following his solo exhibition with us earlier this year," says Fiumano Claseʼs co-founder Andrés Clase."It marks the fruition of ten years of collaboration between artist and gallerist. The collaboration has led us to visit Budapest, reaffirming our belief in what a standout representative Dénes Maróti is of the cultural heritage and living artistic fabric of the country."

The announcement comes after Fiumano Clase held a highly successful exhibition and sale of Marótiʼs works in June-July. The loaned works will include "Self-Portrait" and paintings from the artistʼs "Lake Balaton" series. The works will be displayed in the newly restored Drawing Room of the building for three months, from September 20.

In the Open House London event, some of London’s architectural jewels which are normally closed to the public open their doors for one weekend of the year. The Hungarian Embassy joins approximately 800 other buildings taking part in the event.